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Designed Security

Our experts are always learning new methods to help your organization survive a Cyber-attack and the next wave of Cyber-terrorism.


We are focused on providing a custom-tailored approach to Cybersecurity that meets your needs, not just jamming your company into a small box with a net-30 invoice.

A Finger on the Pulse

We actively engage in current research to understand modern business needs with practical solutions instead of trying to make your company transform just to check a box.


Our organizational diversity ensures your company a well-rounded, defendable position to Cyber problems before legal council is called.

We function in the United States and Europe.

We are not only trained computer experts, but security enthusiasts who love what we do.

Active and Aware

Our need is your need. We ensure that active listening provides you the perfect solution for modern Cyber-terrorism and warfare that impacts us all. Don't bring home International Cyber-problems. Don't make your company a victim of employee Cyber-sloppiness. 


Our clients say we find a solution that helps them grow instead of inhibiting business functionality with constraints. We design solutions that employees embrace and apply instead of shackles they constantly circumvent. Which does your company sound like?